Commission & Customize

Art made just for you.

 Painting and Drawing

When you commission a piece of art you will need to first decide your medium. I do oil and acrylic paintings. I draw with charcoal, graphite, colored pencil and more. The medium used in a work of art is going to change the look of the piece drastically, so it is most important for you to know what products you prefer used in the process.


Size and Surface

Any size is appropriate for a work of art. My preference is toward larger pieces, because I feel more engulfed in a large painting than I would a small one. Painting will be done on canvas. You may decide whether you would like your canvas framed or not. Drawing can be done on a variety of surfaces. I will be happy to accommodate your preference.




I have been commissioned to do landscapes, portraits, superheroes, movie scenes and original ideas. I am confident that I can complete any requests that you make. New ideas make it interesting and give me a chance to learn.


Pricing for my commissioned pieces is determined by two variables: time spent and cost of materials. I cannot guarantee a timeline for a work of art but I can give an estimate. Time spent on a piece can be affected by factors such as: size, difficulty,  and preparation (creating/brainstorming original ideas based on request).  

To request a commissioned piece please see my contact page.